There can come a time in a career in Insurance when the bad days seem to pile up and the work environment doesn’t get any better. But leaving a job is not always a negative situation, It can sometimes open the door for another more positive opportunity.  Leading to a job that offers more independence and support as you advance in your career.

A number of now independent agents at GreatFlorida Insurance got their start as captive agents at large insurance companies, like Allstate and StateFarm, but felt over time, it was no longer the right fit.

Kevin Swanson with GreatFlorida Insurance Brandon was with Allstate for 13 years. “I grew tired of the corporation making all the decisions. Their (Allstate’s) decisions were not in the best interest of the agency owner but the corporation,” says Swanson.

Andy Villalon, owner of GreatFlorida Insurance Cape Coral on Santa Barbara Blvd. worked at Allstate for 17 years in claims and sales. While leaving Allstate on good terms, Villalon experienced high pressure to sell life insurance policies.  “If you didn’t meet the quota you would be referred to the term, “JNJ” meaning “job in jeopardy,” says Villalon.

Both men left their former insurance company to join GreatFlorida Insurance. Being an independent insurance agent at GreatFlorida Insurance allows agents to customize their agency and tailor it to fit market needs.

Independent agents can enjoy the freedom to sell the insurance products of their choosing instead of satisfying a quota. A captive agent represents one insurance company and sells only those products while following that company’s policies. Independent insurance agents offer their customers more options through a variety of insurance carriers giving customers a range of pricing options, a real benefit to the customer. Serving the community becomes a reality.

Swanson reports his time with GreatFlorida Insurance has been, “Absolutely Fabulous. Ellsworth, (Ellsworth Buck, Vice President of GreatFlorida Insurance) has been 100 percent supportive. At Allstate my goals were at odds with the company, at GreatFlorida their goals run parallel with yours. You can run the agency how you want to,” says Swanson. Swanson feels liberty with his future aspirations, “Allstate even dictated who you sold the agency to, at GreatFlorida you can pass it to your kids or sell it to the person you see fit.  At GreatFlorida the world is your oyster.”

Andy Villalon’s experience has been similar. “Allstate only offered one auto product. I spent most of my time telling people why they didn’t qualify. Now I am able to look for more options for our customers,” says Villalon.  Villalon is seeing more growth at his Cape Coral agency while experiencing more freedom. “They look out for us and continue to add options to help us grow our business. It’s a good franchise.”

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GreatFlorida Insurance is committed to help their independent agents expand by providing them with resources to increase their business and presence in the community. This is accomplished by offering a strong online presence through the GreatFlorida Insurance website, and social media, boosting an agency’s exposure and bringing in business. They offer continued training and annual meetings for the agents to gather together and foster a real sense of community.

If you would like to learn more information about GreatFlorida Insurance Agency and their vast array of insurance policies and options visit or call 888-478-7801.

If you are interested in franchise options call our franchise hotline at 772-283-2933. We’re Insurance by Floridians for Floridians.


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